• Layla Flame Fine Art

June 2020

Last Month

Still in quarantine, May was spent entirely in my studio (not that I'm complaining). I finished two pet portrait commissions, original artwork 'Rainbow in the Gums' (shown above), and begun an artwork of three tawny frogmouths - my largest piece yet! You can find prints of 'Rainbow in the Gums' in my online shop if you love this piece as much as I do.


Coming Up...

This month I'll be focusing on commissions and finishing my tawny frogmouth artwork. I have a few secret commissions I can't share, however for the others I'll be posting updates on my facebook page if you want to see my 'work-in-progress' photos.

I've also started youtube channel! Nothing much on there right now, however I will be uploading all my future speed painting videos, studio tours, and maybe some tutorials!

With quarantine laws slowly coming to an end, markets will soon be starting up again. Originally my plan for 2020 was to dive into local markets and show my art to the community, which I hope to still stick to. So far on the calendar is Bangalow Market on Sunday, 28th of July - I hope to see you there!