• Layla Flame Fine Art

July 2020

This month I've been continuing work on my commission waiting list. Below you can see one of my pet portraits completed during June - a memorial piece of the gorgeous Gypsy. While I love doing all my pet portraits, artworks of animals I've had the chance to know personally are so special to me. 

I'm also excited to share progress of my newest commission - the recreation of a beautiful old polaroid of brumbies. This will be my largest commission to date and is going to take a lot of dedication to detail. Below is an early work in progress photo!



  • Lismore Carboot Market, 9am-3pm, Sunday 16th of August

  • Bangalow Market 9am-3pm, Sunday 23rd of August


Lastly, I'm happy to announce that business is boomin' which means I can raise my prices to more accurately reflect the tens of hours put into each artwork. All my current bookings will be unaffected by this price change.