• Layla Flame Fine Art

February 2021

I started this year off with a month to myself in term of art, focusing on originals and artworks I'd been struggling to find the time for. I finally finished my tawny frogmouths! (I haven't been able to get it professionally photographed yet but that will hopefully happen this month).

I also completed and donated the use of two artworks for an online storybook project. The project is raising awareness of our local species under threat from logging. Usually I wouldn't have had the time in my schedule to do two artworks with only two weeks notice, but was lucky it came up in my month off from commissions! The artworks were a feathertail glider and a shorter rainforest ground beetle. When the storybook goes live I'll be sharing it on my facebook page, so keep an eye out!

An lastly I did my second ever human pastel portrait (and a very special human too!) - an artwork of my adorable nephew Theo as a birthday present for my big brother.

However I can't put off commission forever so I'm jumping straight back into it with another huge pet portrait! This is the first portrait I'll be doing of Shambelles, the gorgeous Chihuahua who is so adored his mum commissioned TWO paintings of him. So far I've only done the background on this big artwork, but I'll be sharing regular updates on facebook and Instagram if you want to see it come to life!



Unfortunately due to having to take on extra shifts at the day job, I had to cancel the market in February (which was going to be the Lismore Carboot). So my first market for this year will be March 21st! I haven't decided yet if it will be Ballina or the Carboot, so I'll keep you updated when I've made a decision.

To stay updated on any changes to markets due to Covid-19, follow my facebook page.